Wedding Cake at Villa Avianto

8 Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

Winter Weddings are becoming increasingly more popular for a number of different reasons.

While most couples choose to get married in the warmer months, a beautiful winter wedding can be amazing.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider a winter wedding.


Winter tends to be a less busy time of year.  Choosing a winter wedding gives you a fantastic opportunity to negotiate with suppliers!   

More Venues, better rates

You’ll find it much easier to get your dream venue at a discounted price. 

Everything stays fresher for longer

Summer heat and humidity really doesn’t do you any favours when you’re trying to look your best on the most important day of your life.

With a winter wedding there are no worries about your cake melting or your flowers wilting in cooler weather.  Everything will stay crisper and fresher for longer – including you and the groom!

Comfort foods

Winter weddings are the perfect time to indulge in your favourite hot beverages and comfort foods.  Serving your guests hot cocoa and warm, hearty food is an easy way to create a homey atmosphere—and if your guests feel right at home, everyone is sure to have more fun!

You’re the highlight of the season

Everyone is getting married in spring and summer, not to mention all the farewell, year-end and Christmas functions. 

Your family, friends, and guests can start to get a serious case of wedding fatigue.

During the slow winter months, your guests will be excited to go dress shopping, get all dolled up and party with you all night.

More time to party!

Because the sun set much earlier in the winter, winter formalities and photos will be done much earlier in the day, giving you much more time to party and social with friends!

Discount on sunny honeymoon

After the wedding, it’s time for the honeymoon. And after a winter wedding, what could be nicer than basking somewhere sunny and tropical?

Depending on the destination you pick, you should get low season discounts on accommodation and flights too.  Ask your travel agent for the best winter destinations. We guarantee you’ll be surprised by all the options available to you.


Make the most of the ambiance fires create. Serve some wine and gather around the fireplace to enjoy canapés. 

Embrace the season by throwing blankets over guests’ chairs or keep them warm by serving a hot signature cocktail.

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