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Advantages of Small Intimate Weddings

You might have had your heart set on a big, traditional wedding.  While many couples are still opting to wait for a big celebration, it’s not for everyone.

A smaller, intimate wedding may feel disappointing, but your wedding will be special and amazing no matter how you celebrate. 

Weddings are so personal.  More than being social events, weddings are about loved ones celebrating the couple.

Here are some benefits of an intimate wedding celebration.

1.  You can have a UNIQUE wedding venue

With smaller weddings a whole world of less conventional venue spaces opens up for you! Everything from restaurants, art galleries to a private garden, boutique hotels, forests, museums, to bookshops and everything in between.

What better way to showcase your personality as a couple than to choose a unique venue to match. 

2.  Slurge on VENDORS that will create something BESPOKE

More “wow” for less money.  One of the myths of intimate weddings is that it is a budget wedding.  Not at all!

Some couples use intimate weddings as an opportunity to make their dream wedding a reality.

With a smaller guest list, you’re able to spend more money on what matters most to you, which means that delicious caterer, nicer florals or your dream photographer.

3.  Create an INTIMATE atmosphere

With a smaller wedding the experience will be different, yes, but you can create an intimate atmosphere giving yourself the chance to create meaningful memories with all of your loved ones and enjoy every moment.

Think of all the big weddings you’ve been to where the bride and groom spent the reception moving from table to table trying to get a few minutes in with each and every guest.  The reality of having a large wedding means you really don’t get much time to interact with everyone.

Create memories with your guests, and offer them a personal experience you cannot get with larger weddings.

Each person will feel truly valued.

4.  You get to choose which TRADITIONS you want

With a small guest list, you are free to customize every aspect of your wedding to reflect the two of you!

You might not like the bouquet or garter toss but still want to cut the Cake and have your first dance? Pick and choose what you want! Maybe you want the traditional format but with way less people.


A small wedding isn’t for everyone. But hopefully this article will give you a new perspective on an intimate wedding.

Remember why you are getting married.  The most important thing is the two of you and whatever feels right.

Don’t forget, this smaller wedding does not have to be the end of your wedding celebrations! You can always throw a bigger reception and party at a later date.


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