Wedding Cake Inspiration

One thing that is commonly overlooked when planning your special day is the wedding cake. Choosing what kind of cake you want for your big day is as essential as anything else. It’s not just a dessert but a symbol of good fortune for the couple. Not to mention how it adds up as a pleasant decoration to your reception. Also, you need to have one worth remembering since you’ll have pictures with it during the traditional cake cutting. If you find it a daunting task, I’ve included some of the best inspiration you can choose from.

Traditional Wedding Cake

A traditional wedding cake is known to be made from fruit cake. However, there are already a variety of wedding cake flavors when you opt for a sponge one. This usually has tiers depending on what you want.

3-Tier Icing Cake

This is the most common choice for couples since somehow, this design immediately elevates the size of your cake. The different layers covered in icing allow adding little details that can make it even prettier.

3 Tier Traditional Wedding Cake
Credit: Pexel

2-Tier White Fondant Cake

Want it simple yet classy? Choose a 2-tiers fondant cake with a dainty design just like this one. A fondant cake doesn’t melt quickly, which is ideal for long receptions. In addition to that, it is perfect for people who are sensitive to dairy.

2 Tier Traditional Wedding Cake
Credit: De la creme creative studio

4-Tier Minimalist Cake

Who says a traditional wedding cake can’t be grand? You can still have a 4-tier cake by keeping it classy with minimal decorations. For this type of cake, less is definitely more. 

Traditional Wedding Cake
Credit: Pexel

Luxury Wedding Cake

Having an equally luxurious cake is called for when it comes to lavish weddings. And how do you achieve a great pastry? By adding layers to it. 

4-Tier round cake with Stunning Red Roses

The red roses design shows romance and elegance, perfect for couples who want to make a bold statement.

4 TIer Luxury Wedding Cake
Credit: Pexel

4-Tier layered round cake with Dainty Blush Rose

This cake looks like it came right out of a fairytale. Choose a dainty-colored cake design for a magical look.

Blush Rose Wedding Cake
Credit: Wedding Inspirasie

5-Tier White and Gold Rose Cake

Is there anything that can instantly provide a more luxurious look than mixing white and gold? I absolutely love how the colors blended perfectly!

5 Tier Luxury White and Gold Wedding cake
Credit: Cakes by Krishanthi

Modern Cake for Weddings

Why restrict yourself to how you want your cake to look? It is your wedding day, after all. When it comes to modern cakes, your imagination is the limit. You can even use your bridal shower cake for a reference if you want. 

Square-shaped cake

You don’t have to follow the typical round cakes. Follow whatever shape you want to.

Square-shaped wedding cake
Credit: Pexel

Gothic-themed cake

Are you having a non-traditional wedding? Your cake must fit your theme as well. This one looks dangerously appetizing!

Gothic Black wedding Cake
Credit: Pexel

Plain white cake

This is probably the most commonly used bridal shower cake you can incorporate on your wedding day as well!

All White Modern Wedding Cake
Credit: De la Creme Creative Studio

Boho Wedding Cake

Are you having a boho wedding? These boho-styled cakes with their organic details will perfectly fit your theme.  

Forest-themed naked cake

The perfect arrangement of strawberries, blueberries, and green twigs in this naked cake looked like forest fairies made it. 

Forest Theme Wedding Cake
Credit: Pexel

Earth-toned cake

This four-layered cake looked so impressive with its subtle earth tone. Not to mention how the pop of colors from dried sprigs and blossoms made it more interesting.

Earth Tone Wedding Cake
Credit: Pexel

Textured Buttercream

The textured buttercream of this two-layered cake featured the flower details added.

Boho Buttercream Wedding cake
Credit: Laurabelle’s A-Scratch Bakery

I hope this inspires you in choosing your dream wedding cake. I have other blog posts you can read if you need more help in planning your special day!

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