Wedding Dresses in Bloemfontein

Wedding Dress "How To" Guide from Bloemfontein Fashion Designer Sadé Jansen

How do I choose my Dress Style?

First and most important is that you dress yourself everyday.  You know what you feel comfortable in and what suits your body type.  Think of the skirt styles, sleeve lengths and necklines in your wardrobe.

Specify these preferences to your designer.  Do you lean more towards conservative, boho chick or are you an alternative girl.

These things will help guide your designer towards a style that is best suited for you.  It is a process, changes can be made, and alterations can be done.  Trust in your designer and trust the process.

After the Wedding comes the Aftercare

You can take your dress to professional dry cleaners or consult with your designer, maybe they have a cleaning option best suited for your dress.

If you are a DIY girl (like me) you can do it at home in the bath tub.

Use cold to lukewarm water to cover the dress.  Use a stain remover, I prefer Vanish, to soak the dress in for a few hours.

Rinse and repeat, this time with a detergent.  Use a soft bristle tooth brush to lightly scrub stubborn stains.  If the dress is white you can spot clean with a water and bleach mixture.

Rinse again thoroughly and let dry.

The Next step is to Store your Wedding Dress

Make sure it is completely dry.

Use old sheets, white preferably because you will bleach treat them to make sure they are completely decontaminated.

Get a vacuum bag that is big enough for your dress.  Fold the dress accordingly between the sheets.  Make sure none of the dress fabric is exposed.  Put in the vacuum bag and let the air out.

Place in a safe spot out of direct light.

If keeping the dress as a family heirloom is not your idea, social media has created wonderful platforms for brides to buy and sell almost all their wedding essentials.

Make sure to follow the cleaning process and present your dress in a suitable garment bag. 

Make the experience as delightful for the new owner as it was for you.

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